I plagiarized a Mushroom Epic

I started an alt who I wanted to join the Mycologene school straight away during the Signed with a Flourish sequence. Because she’s an alt, I didn’t want too much Fate on her, but prices are structured in a way that makes buying 100 Fate (I also need Long-lost Daughter, and the remaining 45 can be spent on the wonderful Hojotoho!) really unattractive.

While I was thinking whether to take the plunge and staying away from Veilgarden, she hit Persuasive 50 and A Name Known to Many fired off with the first three options open. She put on her most lower-class clothing and placed a rat in her breast pocket, but the storylet didn’t go away. So she had to claim authorship of a poem she didn’t actually write.

(Thankfully, picking a school doesn’t happen until after Flourish 1, so my plan is fine.)

edit: I love the emergent story:

Singing Mandrake regular: Oh my, here’s our newest rising star! Your fame precedes you! Do confess, was it you who penned the powerful and thrilling fungal epic that’s all the rage in Veilgarden?
Me [spits wine]: What? WHAT? No.
Regular: Aw, she’s so shy! How charming!
Me: Look, that honestly wasn’t me. I wouldn’t have had the time, I was busy leading the docker revolt and robbing the consta-- nevermind, you got me. Yes, I wrote this. I particularly like how these fourteen stanzas about hymenophoric lamellae came out.
edited by Aniline on 4/15/2018