I need some advice

Hello, delicious friends!

So, I’ve been playing Fallen London for almost a year now, but I can’t catch most of the things, I’ve played some text-based games, but no one as big as this one. So, if anybody can advice me in somethings, I’d really appreciate it.

First, I need to change my job, since the one I’m currently on became useless, as my Watchful ability is now over 70. Secondly, I am short of echoes and I’m planning to sell some items, but, what is safe to sell? I thoguht of the Goods items, as I have mora than 600 Nevercold Brass Silver andd more then 800 Rostygold pieces. What should I do to earn some extra money?

Thanks before-hand, your delicious friend,


Note that once you reach the status of a Person of Some Interest, you’ll be able to advance your career, so it may not be useless - merely a foundation of what to come.

But if you’re determined to do so, you can clear your profession from your Lodgings, through the Write Letters storylet.

Well, nearly anything is safe to sell, unless you know it’s a reward for some long storyline.

I prefer to have at least 1000 of &quotbasic&quot resources, but you can grind them back. Failbetter made it simpler to estimate how hard it is to obtain an item with the addition of &quotrarity&quot - [Commonplace] items should be easier to replace, [Scarce] somewhat harder, etc. Think twice before selling [Coveted] and [Rare] things.

If you want to efficiently grind Echoes, there’s a guide in the wiki and quite a few threads on the forum.

[quote=ShaunTheXV]First, I need to change my job, since the one I’m currently on became useless, as my Watchful ability is now over 70.[/quote]Look in your Lodgings, under &quotWrite Letters&quot. There you can resign from your current profession. The advanced professions can be entered via the opportunities cards of the various factions (Bohemians, Great Game etc) - just have a look at them to see the requirements for each profession. You can also see an overview of all professions here.

Thank you both! I was a little lost in these places. Now I’ll see what to do from now on

A further note from a professional standpoint is that author is the one level 2 profession available without the expenditure of notability (and thus before you become a PoSI). It’s definitely a solid early game goal to work towards.