I might have opened the gate.

Reading that is tempting but as im not a seeker nor do I deserve to read it, arghh, why torment me so.

[quote=Angus Turner]I was wondering about all those orphanage invites. Thanks for all the surprise packages, I guess? Although now that I know how and why they were sent, the whole thing sort of leaves a bad taste in my mouth, like getting a touching gift only to discover that it is stolen.

Nah, I’m just kidding. Lighten up. Ferra might’ve lost her head, but that’s no reason for you to do the same.
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My sentiments exactly. I don’t want to just say lighten up since that seems a bit rude but…well, that actually does sum it up. I’m not saying cheer them on for cheating, but they already apologized and accept whatever the devs decide to do. I know you’re concerned about cheaters in the game, and frankly you should be. It just seems a bit harsh to chastise someone after acknowledging what they did and no one got hurt. If anything, this is just another moment in Seeking history when the game glitched the hell out and a player recorded their happenings. So don’t encourage cheating, but at the same time it is just a game. Let’s all just have a good laugh over a glitch and not point fingers at another, lest this thread turn into a meta-seeking like some have already said we’ve made it.

Since Ferra has reported what she did and how to the devs (and has not posted details of how she did it) to the rest of us, I think she’s shown reasonable contrition for any cheating.

I think the biggest problem for me would be having the chance to see all the delicious words…naow!.. vs are the words made better by the sacrifice of my time and work to enable me to see them? I have no desire to seek, but I wish to know the words behind the various endings, it would be hard to turn away from something like that. Ah well, a truly victimless crime.

… “the sun benith the sea” … intersting quality. Do you pass it back to yourself from sunless sea?

There is a separation between learning the lore of Fallen London and experiencing Fallen London itself that is highlighted here. The timers, the prices, the failures. These are an important part of that experience. Robbed of these things even goats and cider lose their meaning. Completing Seeking like this certainly gives you the text, but it doesn’t sound like it’s been a rewarding experience.

I’ll be honest. If I could remove food and fuel lose from Sunless Sea so I could experience the story without it taking forever I would (actually, that might be possible some how, I haven’t looked). I just don’t have the time and patience to deal with that early game again these days. But I would really like to see the stories (especially since I last played it in late early access). So I can sympathize with wanting to see some of the more extreme stories of FL even if you just don’t have time to grind towards the end game and beyond. The problem being that with the central server and the possibility of inter-player interaction the damage of an exploit can reach farther than a single player.

In this case, it sounds like the splash damage was pretty minimal. Confessions have been made. Exploits have been flagged and kept hidden. The only person to seem to get hurt out of this was the exploiter so in the end I’d say no harm, no foul. Well, kind of foul. But nothing worth getting upset about.

Nope, good guess though! I’ll mention it in the spoiler: On Winking Isle, you have to give up an assortment of various items. Eventually you get to a point where you get new optional (emphasis on optional) options that require you to not have other items, which cover even more item groups until a majority of your inventory is gone. Once you’ve passed the final optional option, you get 1 &quotThe Sun beneath the Sea?&quot You can use it later to get the &quotWho Is Salt?&quot variant of the Question quality.
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I see some people angry at what this man has done. I can see why. But I am not. He has reported it to Failbetter so it will not be repeated. He has harmed no others in doing this. In fact looking at a couple of replies it seems some have gaimed from this rather then lost. He also seems to majorly regret this, although if that is true or a act I cannot say. AND most important of all, not only has he NOT leaked the Seeking endings, but he also has not told anyone how he did this.

if noone was harmed, and the proper powers have been alerted, and he regrets his actions, and he tells noone what he saw I see no reason why he cannot speak of it.

If I may ask, when you turned back, did you keep your severed head severed or did it return to your shoulders?
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All role playing aside, I have no idea what this is all about. Would anyone be willing to fill me in?

SMEN has been reintroduced. The OP has apparently found a way to RNG-hack his way through seeking, and choose to turn back at the gate (the destroy your account or stop at the penultimate point of the quest option)- Most of the drama is over the OP RNG-hacking, because that’s not exactly playing fair with the game.

I feel kinda stupid now. All this time, I’ve been paying for Gallery of Serpents when I could’ve been earning 35 EPA from &quotharmless exploits that hurt no one&quot instead.

I guess we’ve all learned a lesson or two here.

I’m not fond of cheating, but this time it seems the cheating didn’t have much impact. It only helped a player, and this player decided to show his doing once he had used it. No harm done, the “glitch” will be corrected, it was interesting to read about it. All shall be well.

Congrats on finding this weakness in the game, and I am glad (and hope) you didn’t tell about it to anyone who might use it and unbalance the game.

Is there any reason people are being so upset in a game in which the multiplayer component is mostly absent?

A game is, in its essence, played to have fun. If one finds fun in breaking its rules without harming anyone else, well, I can’t really see anything bad in it. The achievements of the others are not worth less just because someone skirted the rules.

[quote=Odexios]Is there any reason people are being so upset in a game in which the multiplayer component is mostly absent?

A game is, in its essence, played to have fun. If one finds fun in breaking its rules without harming anyone else, well, I can’t really see anything bad in it. The achievements of the others are not worth less just because someone skirted the rules.[/quote]
Because it invalidates the hard work of other people, who paid to get through the same grind, using fate sources, is part of it. Another is that, if xe gets off scott-free, which, admittedly, i doubt will happen, he gets an item that has an effort value in the range of a ubergoat at least.

That said, the most likely outcome is either an erase or a rollback. [A rollback being reverting the account back a week, or a month, or whatever, and an erase being the account is just gone].

I don’t get how it invalidates anything. He/she got things by cheating, it’s not the same road. There is no comparison.

I think we are being too hard on this guy. At the end of the day, no harm done. Look at this like this: he could have leaked Seeking. He did not.

haha, VINDICATED, Fera u should be proud btw

(stop shouting at dataminers for sharing, I want to see what they got, real cheats do no harm anyway)

P.S. will you guys praise me and think i am cool if i follow their footsteps and post a &quotoh i regret so sad&quot confession too??? plz reply thx
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There isn’t, unless you buy into silly outdated social constructs like ‘community’ and ‘immersion’.

After all, other players and their characters don’t matter and there’s no reason for you to care about them. You shouldn’t be upset at them for doing something bad, as long as your own characters are not directly affected. You shouldn’t be happy for them when they accomplish something, because it doesn’t benefit your character. You shouldn’t commiserate with them when something bad happens, because it doesn’t hurt your character. There’s no such thing as player community, because your own character exists in a perfect vacuum and is the only one that matters.

Of course, there’s no reason to care about your own character, either. It’s just a silly browser game about fake people and their made-up lives, and it’s the height of foolishness to invest any time, effort or emotions into it. If anything, Fera has done us all a favor by reminding us of this fact.

Reverend. You have spoken to me with your lies – spoken a Great Truth, a truth hidden behind your words. I have nothing to say but this.