I might have opened the gate.

[color=#C2B280]The OP violated our terms and conditions, which makes specific mention of ‘attempts to modify character statistics and possessions through exploits’. I’ve suspended their account, removed a number of illicitly acquired qualities, and appended three words to the line I quoted to make this even clearer.

The exploit in question is an anticipated consequence of some player-friendly decisions we made around mobile syncing. We decided the benefits for legitimate players outweighed the potential for abuse, which in any case leaves a very distinctive database footprint.

Thanks to those of you who rightly reported this; we’ll periodically deactivate accounts that have taken advantage of it.[/color]
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[quote=phryne]Sounds like you found a Key of Dreams… anyway, thanks for sharing! It’ll be interesting to see how the devs handle this.

… unless this is actually the secret, easier way of Seeking Alexis was talking about. In that case, you’d be safe I think!
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Fidgeting was mentioned, this wasn’t an easy way through seeking. Looks more like good old fashioned RNG warping, to me.

I think Alex was just hinting at some formulae we hadn’t figured out at the time, rather than a cheaty method.

EDIT: But this doesn’t answer the big question - is the Knock a glove or a weapon!?
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Interesting story.
By any chance, did you discover anything about the Enigma-related Seeking option?
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Was obscurity removed?
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Honestly? If you actually literally cheated I think it’s in poor taste to come brag about it, especially since it’s likely to make other people try and figure out how to do the same.

But, I’ve also got a messed-up digestive system, and that makes me cranky. So for whatever that’s worth.

They chose the option that doesn’t give Obscurity, so it wasn’t there to be removed anyway.

I’ve unequipped all my gear and equipped the item in question. This is a helpful course of action that should completely answer your question.

The highest I’ve ever seen Enigma is 5, and that’s on what I assume to be a dev’s mantle. I don’t have the answer you seek.

Obscurity was never gained. If that is your only obstacle, it may be freely avoided at no cost to the story or yourself. While I can’t directly answer your question… I still have my severed head.

While there have been exploitable bugs in the game before, and people have exploited them before, on the whole Fallen London players have been remarkably good about reporting bugs/exploits/unintended opportunities to cheat that are completely game-breaking. I’m sorry to hear that wasn’t the case this time.

Contrition was all I meant to convey. I did not intend to inspire anyone else to do the same, and I will not help anyone who asks. You have every right to think ill of me. It is what I expect and deserve.

As am I. Would that I could undo it. It was, of course, not worth it.

Have you now reported this bug/exploit to a developer? If not, and if you do feel regret about playing this way, I would suggest that providing the devs with an explanation of what you did and how you were able to do it would be a good idea.


I have. Along with several other bugs I encountered in the course of things.


[spoiler]We already know about the knock from Barselaar, who did it legit not that long ago: http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/profile/Barselaar

Also bonus points for 7x the sun beneath the sea and 7x Scorched by the sun[/spoiler]

Why are there so many dislikes on half the comments here?

This is not the behavior of an ashamed person seeking contrition. This is boasting.
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Well, this is interesting. It’s always fun to see people figure out how to ‘break’ games, so long as no other players are harmed (which they haven’t been, in this case). Might’ve kept your head a little better though, if the dramatics in the document are true- both the OP and this thread could probably use a reminder that it’s just a game.

It’s a bit silly, but this strikes me as some form of meta-seeking. The storyline simulates an act of sacrifice for knowledge, but it’s still deeply constrained in how much any single player is allowed to do and know, still making you very much subject to the allowances of a higher power despite the gameplay/story mechanic of giving everything to defy such. So, this person has (supposedly) found a way to truly break the rules, facing real scorn and obscurity for the sake of knowing more than they’re meant to. Fair enough!

Broke the game to beat the most frustrating story in the game. Four b—dy times. There’s some irony in that. Nicely done.
Bear in mind, I wouldn’t encourage someone to go out and to this, but I do think it’s rather interesting what this person did.

Maybe Ferra (the player, not the character) just has a very high Scholar of the Correspondence level.
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I was wondering about all those orphanage invites. Thanks for all the surprise packages, I guess? Although now that I know how and why they were sent, the whole thing sort of leaves a bad taste in my mouth, like getting a touching gift only to discover that it is stolen.

Nah, I’m just kidding. Lighten up. Ferra might’ve lost her head, but that’s no reason for you to do the same.
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Also fascinating are the effects upon you as a player. I can easily see how you lost so much sleep over it. I would too.

I honestly cannot see this as gloating. This is not written in a gloating tone. As long as you told the truth about how you feel about what you have done, I think you’ve lived through punishment enough. There’s something horrific about this whole business.

Hopefully the developers will be able to patch this up and prevent any more time-travellers… As darkly interesting as this was to read, I do not ever want to see someone repeat it. Ever.

Ah. Right. I feel rather silly having not completed connected my orphanage invites to this as well. They did seem to be frequent.