I Made too Many Waves...

I had an exceptionally exciting party at my Salon the other day and ended up with Making Waves 69. The thing is, I only need 33 for my next point of Notoriety, and I’d prefer not to simply throw away the excess.

I’ve spent the last couple days in the Bazaar Side-Streets, turning them into Nights on the Town. It’s a slow process, since I’m hampered by the additional cost in Influential items. I’ve been grinding Stolen Correspondence in Unfinished Business in Spite, but two actions only gets me 40 pieces at best.

So I guess I have two questions: 1) Is there anything else I could be spending Making Waves on or 2) is there a more efficient grind for Intriguing Snippets and Compromising Documents?

Intriguing Snippets are probably best acquired the way you’ve been doing it, but for Compromising Documents I would recommend the Affair of the Box.

I’m somewhat in the same boat, having gotten pretty much all the benefits I could from Notability and tiring of the rat race (no offense to our ratty friends). After a while it just becomes easier to buy Stolen Correspondence from the Bazaar and saving your actions.

As for Compromising Documents, you can also get them from converting Tales of Terror from Hunter’s Keep if you have a ship. On the other hand, this also produces MW by itself, so your situation may get a little worse before it gets better.

It would be nice if Dante’s Grill could be offered to fellow PoSI for these edge cases so that MW could be spent on those who need it, but alas.
edited by MrUnderhill89 on 7/5/2015

Time, the Healer is expected this afternoon, so it’s time to cash in before it’s gone. I’ve made it down to 42 Making Waves and have a total of 67 Nights on the Town. I might try to squeeze in a couple more and make it an even 70, but there is the fear that TtH will visit before I’m ready and knock my MW down to 20.