I made it!

So, after much deliberation and not a small amount of grinding, I have finally become a Person of Some Importance! It’s been quite the journey, and I’m very much looking forward to exploring the new horizons that seem to be opening up. Nothing else to say, just thought I’d share my excitement with the good people of the forum!

Welcome to the new and exciting opportunities that POSI opens. You will find that the world has gone much bigger.
It is indeed exciting to strive for something so long and finally achieve it. Don’t hesitate to share new achievements.
This topic might be a more suitable place to share it, there you can see others’ achievements and maybe get inspired.


Also, if you hadn’t already, you might want to put yourself in the POSI list at the Hallowmas topic (and read a little about the upcoming event).

Grats! :-D

Congrats! It’s a whole new world opened for you now!

Congratulations! Love the name, Malice. “Why that’s Ol’ Jimmy Malice down the street”

Heartiest congratulations !

[quote=the truthseeker]My congratulations to you fellow PoSI!

(But if you thought the grinding was long before…you might want to sit down when you look at the Housing items you need to get now…)[/quote]
Housing? I believe you’ve forgotten about the Zubmarine and Yacht…

Congratulations. If, for some reason, you find yourself masochistically missing all the grinding, weeping, and gnashing of teeth, you could always start building a zubmarine!