I have a question for a current story I'm playing

Hi, there. I’ve been in Fallen London a while, but don’t really know much about the whole story.
I’ve been currently playing the card for the Once-Dashing smuggler and I just wanted to know if he can be chosen as a spouse at some point, or if there are any plans to make him available to wed.

I would prefer an answer with no spoilers, but if there a lore wise reason that he isn’t/won’t be a marriage candidate, I’d be willing to spoil that part of the story to find out. ^^; (hope the spoiler tag works. I can’t tell from the preview)

I don’t know if he’ll be available to wed in the future, but currently he is not an option.

Darn. Alright then. ><; Was hoping…oh, well.

Alas, no. I’ve been pining for more of him for AGES.