I have a project I need help on

I am trying to get an Iron Republic Safe Conduct to keep tracking the Vake (and to report to my masters all the lose souls around) but I lack one Page of Credit. I’ve been grinding lately to get an Overgoat to watch my back while in the Iron Republic, but I can’t seem to find that one damned page anywhere.[li]

The Cheesemonger is dead, most of the story lines and cards that give out the Pages are ended for me, and I’m starting to despair (I miss my quiet deviless girlfriend and companion). I must see her again.

Please help me. I have echos, secrets, wine and many other things to trade or gift.

To get a Mark of Credit you just need to get your Counting the Days quality up to 14, and have enough Pocket Change to either chance or buy one. Do you have all four Acquaintances? If so, you may use them to raise both of these qualities to the necessary amount without needing to wait on Opportunity cards.

Okay, I have Counting the Days 8 and all four acquaintences. I’ve been discarding the Sardonic Music Hall Singer and the Aspirirng Artist cards. Haven’t seen anything with the Soldier in some time, so what now?

You visit them at their homes. The Sardonic Music Hall Singer is in Spite, the Regretful Soldier is in Watchmaker’s Hill, the Repentant Forger is in Veilgarden, and the Wry Functionary is in the Shuttered Palace. At Counting the Days 8 you’ll want to visit the Sardonic Music Hall Singer first, and then finish the cycle off with the Wry Functionary. After that you just need to wait for the Spending and Secrets card.

Ah, excellent. A little lucre spent in the right place, the Masters bamboozled, and I have found my last Mark of Credit Page and garnered my safe conduct. Now for the Overgoat to watch my back while rubbing elbows with the Devils.