I have a Newspaper! Now what?

I have a Newspaper. I have Journalists. Where do I begin finding Copy?

I have not yet named my Newspaper, because I haven’t thought of a good enough name yet. I don’t need to do that first or anything do I?

I do believe you need to name your Newspaper before you can do anything with it.

…Very well, I’ll go name it. What do I do after that?

It’s been a while since I ran my newspaper but I believe the next thing you will need is a whiring contraption (don’t remember how many, probably just one). Each whirling contraption is good for one run of the newspaper. You’ll make a number of choices that determine what kind of news you are printing and the rewards varry based on the issue you produce.
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Thank you. I do appear to have figured it out now.

Know any good sources for Whirring Contraptions? Or am I going to be spending a lot of time in Wilmot’s End?

I use Wilmot’s End to get my Whirring Contraptions. Not sure if it’s the most efficient way to get them, but it’s convenient. You’ll also need to collect 12 copy from Opportunity cards to print the 104 editions, so generally I use my Whirring Contraption and leave for a while until I obtain 12 of one type. After that you can use the storylets in Doubt Street.

Unless you happen to have a source for buckets and buckets of beetles, Wilmot’s End (or a combination of WE and the War of Assassins) is the place.

If you have buckets and buckets of Prisoner’s Honey you can Sponsor a trading voyage to the farthest reaches of the zee, which upon success will get you buckets and buckets of Phosphorescent Scarabs or a Whirring Contraption. About 50% chance of each I’d say.

Quick question: I ended up sending out more interviews than I ended up needing; will those be able to be answered even though I no longer have “Hours before the Deadline?”

Yep, those can still be accepted.