I did "secrets framed"

Because you have to complete that to get the other event in the &quotother place&quot.

Can I go to jail and meet another forger without loosing my chances at &quotskin&quot, I’d like to see the only purple card (that we don’t talk about).

Purple?.. I recently got the card in question but there was nothing purple about it…

You can reacquaint yourself with the Forger in prison without losing the ability to take that option on the Skin of the Bazaar card. It will cost 20 Fate, however, so make sure you have that before going in.

Makes me wish I’d taken it all the way. That last step just seems like such an obvious trap… I couldn’t bring myself to take it.

The forger was only a way to reach the knowledge i was seeking, though now i’m imprisonned and forced to think about my deeds and myself, i’m wondering if i would have any interest in renewing my acquaintance with this fellow at the cost of my 20 fates … Any opinion about the future ? (Tea leaves anyone ?)

I like the Forger. He gives a little Criminal Connection in addition to a nice pile of secrets, and his friendship unlocks a very nice option on a Lodging card. Whether that’s worth 20 Fate to you is something only you can answer, however.

And as i lack skills in predicting the future, i can’t willingly chose to reacquaint with this fellow … such a dilema. maybe some private discussion might help me sort it out, don’t you think ?

If you have the opportunity while you are in New Newgate I would say renew your acquaintance. Every time you go back you increase your criminal reputation which makes it harder to reduce your suspicion. The Forger can be a very useful person to know, even after Secrets Framed in Gold.

thank you, lady, for your sincere opinion !