I can't sell my Philosophical Raven!

I recently received a Pristine Raven’s Egg as part of the Advent Calendar (I think). Meanwhile, I got a Dazed Raven Advisor and upgraded him to Philosophical.
Since then, the egg hatched, and I now have a Mystic Raven Advisor. With this in mind, evolving my Philosophical Raven Advisor further is relatively pointless, given that I’ll end up with another Mystic Raven. So, I decided to sell my P. Raven Advisor.

Just one catch! I’ve been through the entire Bazaar sell list, and I don’t see an entry for said raven anywhere. Halp?

I have the same problem - I accidentally evolved the same raven twice. Alas, as it stands, these critters just can’t be got rid of! At least, with the new inventory layout, excess pets don’t distend the interface as they once did.

I also found myself thwarted by receiving that Pristine Egg from the calendar, though thankfully hadn’t yet expended the resources to upgrade my Philosophical Raven. I was rather annoyed to find the egg locking me out of further advancing the existing bird, but at least now I’ll have both it in its’ current form AND the evolved Mystic Raven. Hooray for me.