I came back after...a long while, friends needed

I left FL because I felt like I’d done everything. I’m at the endgame now. All stories complete except fate locked ones. Right now I’m in the process of changing over from licentiate to midnighter. But beyond that, I was hoping they would have finished the light fingers ambition by now. Unless it is and mine is just bugged. (in which case, please tell me)

Anyway, my wife seems to have disappeared back to the surface. (character deleted) my friends have all similarly been devoured or are unavailable.

I’m an invisible imminence - available for patronage if you need- , maxed out shadowy and almost maxed out watchful and persuasive. Dangerous is lacking a bit at the 140 mark but I’m still pretty fearsome! I’ve got a gang of criminal underlings, an orphanage, a zub. All this nice end-game stuff.

I’m currently going for criminals renown of forty, midnighter, and maybe out to zee to see if the tigers are finished with their thing in the mushroom forest, forget what it’s called. For now though, staying in london and frequenting the finishing school until I progress to midnighter. After that, I’ll probably try to marry someone with a little more permanence. Though interestingly enough, I’m still technically married.

https://www.fallenlondon.com/profile/Saltsworth Here you are, apparently my storynexus link doesn’t work anymore so here’s a fresh one. I also have a few questions I’d like answered if you can.

1: What happened to the &quotWho else is here?&quot thing in the top right, that was how I usually met people. Is there a setting to turn that back on? Or…am I blind and was it put somewhere else?

2: Has anything major happened in my absence? London hasn’t found her stars again yet has she? The last thing I remember was Feducci running for mayor.

3: Is there anything new to do? Previously fate locked stories now not, like with the tattoo parlor. I noticed a blemmigan that provides two bizarre, that’s pretty neat. No idea how or why I got it though, was it a patreon goal or something?

I’m available for most things unless they’re particularly gruesome, thank you in advance!

Welcome back!

Your Ambition isn’t bugged. None of the Ambitions are finished yet. And while the Tigers aren’t finished with their thing in the mushroom forest, there’s been an update to that story which you can find in the Fifth Coil of the Labyrinth of Tigers. I forgot how it’s unlocked precisely though.

1: &quotWho else is here?&quot is gone since the site redesign and probably won’t return.

2: Lots of major things happen in FL all the time :P Seriously, I think the FL redesign and the release of Sunless Skies are the biggest things that happened in your absence. We didn’t get a lot of new FL content for a while because these two things ate a lot of FB’s resources. Small bits and bobs were added here and there though, maybe somebody else has the presence of mind to list them all…? We did get a few outstanding Exceptional Stories, most notably The Rat-Catcher and Cricket, Anyone?

3: The Blemmigan was a reward from the Sunless Skies Kickstarter, yes.

Speaking of Sunless Skies, if you click the link in my signature you’ll find some neat little access codes for FL :)

Thanks, I’m glad to know all my little tricks still work. It hasn’t changed much but I must say I’ll miss the who else is here menu. I really liked meeting people like that.

Though I am starting to remember why I left this game. Spent the day refreshing the deck, finally get the unsigned message. Fail a fifty percent shadowy check twice, lost the card. I am thusly resigned to the grind once more.

RNGesus is not a very nice fellow, to put it nicely.

Precisely what do we mean by &quotall stories&quot? As Phryne already mentioned, the Dilmun Club has gotten further since you were gone. Also, if Shadowy’s your only maxed out ability, then you’ve not achieved Paramount Presence yet, either. Have you been crowned Poet Laureate?

Paramount presence doesn’t interest me. Same reason I’m not grinding for an overgoat, already having watchful high enough to do anything in game means it’s kind of pointless. Ditto for the other stats. Grinding making waves just to get a notch on a card, ehh.

I like capital, not prestige. Being one of the ‘privileged few’ …eh. If I already completed everything what’s the point?

And yeah probably. If it wasn’t fate locked, and was a story available what, a year or so ago? Then I did it. Ticked off everything from every location you could go to. Except a slow boat on the stolen river, I actually haven’t died in fallen london yet and I don’t plan to! I always keep a horsehead amulet on me. I remember reading something about people who die in FL can’t go back to the surface so I like keeping my options open.

I still have a few opportunity deck related things to do. I still need stormy eyed but refreshing a deck all day is quite tedious.

In other news though: RNGesus smiled upon me, and allowed me to be a midnighter. I’ll be checking out the dilmun club now.

Just remembered: there are three new Expeditions in the Forgotten Quarter. You probably weren’t here anymore when those were released. They’re pretty neat, both lore- and rewards-wise. :)

There’s also a new Heist in the Flit that was added only recently. It’s thematically connected to a unique story that was only available during the last Hallowmas event. I have no idea whether that one will appear again next Hallowmas for players who missed it.
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This is very tangentally related Phryne, but the Sunless Skies codes in your signiture appear to go nowhere for me, the links just break?

[quote=Calliope Rannis]This is very tangentally related Phryne, but the Sunless Skies codes in your signiture appear to go nowhere for me, the links just break?[/quote]Hmm… I just tried, and they still work for me!?

&quotSecure Connection Failed

An error occurred during a connection to bit.ly. Cannot communicate securely with peer: no common encryption algorithm(s). Error code: SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP

The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.

Please contact the web site owners to inform them of this problem.&quot is what it says for every link for me.

EDIT: hang on, one of them now works for me. That’s very weird, it used to not work but now does? It failed again when I tried it again though, so it seemed to be entirely luck that it did work.
EDIT2: Tried another browser via Chrome on mobile, it also came up with basically the exact same error on the first launch link.

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The scones one had passed me by back then, so thank you for that! NB it worked for me.

That’s weird, I got a Blemmigan Tourist from some event almost right after I joined FL. Maybe it’s now available to everyone.

It’s a KS reward available for all FL players, yes! IIRC the rewards for some ‘social goals’ were for everyone, not just backers.