I am very unhappy sir....

MOST unhappy.[li]

I spent about 40 minutes penning my memoirs in this electronic journal for everyone to peruse, and then I hit &quotadd message&quot and I LOST IT ALL.

I can recreate it, but apparently since I open my journal and my life here by connecting it to a little bird, then for some reason it doesn’t
&quotreally&quot let me stay.

So I am MOST displeased Mr. Pages. You should be aware that I am not happy with this library you have here, but it will do in the absence of anything else.

While I’m not entirely sure what the issue is here thanks to you being in character, I suspect that sending in a bug report would solve your issue more swiftly.

Mostly the issue is that in the middle of composing a roleplay “memoirs” for here, I got logged out. I think it’s because I use OpenID and Google to log into this particular board, but I’m not sure. Apparently something timed out, and I lost what I had written.

Ah, I’ve heard of other people having that issue. I haven’t tested to see how long I can stay inactive without getting logged out using an email, but 2 hours apparently isn’t enough to get kicked off. Maybe try adding your email to your profile? Or you can copy the text before hitting submit just in case you wind up losing it. I do that on some forums.

I pretty much always write in a .txt file or sim’lar, then copy to post - on forums, on FrillyShirt, any ol’ where.

Yes, normally I do the writing in a text or doc editor, and this time I didn’t. I was at work, taking service calls and this was filling the time. It was only about 20 minutes between me pausing the edit, and resuming it again, and at no point did it go over 40 minutes (due to keeping an eye on my talk time). So it wasn’t even close to two hours.

Well, you can try to use an email log in to see if that works better for you. If not then just copy the text, or double check by opening up the forum in a new tab to see if you’re still logged in.

Do you write in visual or source mode? If you use source mode, you have to click the source icon every time you preview.