I am plagued by rats!

My lodgings are plagued by rats. I just spent a whole candle dropping my plagued by rats stat half a bar and there’s like 15 more points of it to go. Am I supposed to get frustrated with this and give up…or move out? It’s not grinding Dangerous very fast so it just seems to be a time waster. Am I missing something?

You can’t move out, as the rats will just follow you. Bringing the quality down more will unlock other options, and at the end when your Dangerous reaches 39 you’ll be able to face off against the Rattus Faber chief. Either choice there will eliminate your Troubled by Vermin quality.

Note, too, that progress gets much faster as you go, because the lower levels require fewer points and (if I recall correctly) because you unlock more effective options.

Okay, thank you! I was getting frustrated thinking I was doing something wrong. OH!..makes sense…the rats are a pyramid quality that I’m progressing backwards … I get it.
edited by HanonO on 3/6/2013