Hullo! I've a question about moving my lodgings.

Hullo there!

I’m relatively new to Echo Bazaar and I have a question. You see, I currently live in a Smoky Flophouse (not the most respectable of establishments, but you do meet some interesting people) and I’ve had a few opportunities now to move to other lodgings, such as rooms above a Gambling Den or a Bookstore. I’ve been considering taking one of these opportunities, but I have this strange plant growing through the floor of my lodgings (specifically I have Attending to the Needs of a Singular Plant 2 - Bold Little Vegetable) and I want to be sure I don’t lose it by moving.

Do you fine fellows know if whether it will still be there if I move or will I lose the leafy blighter?

Everything you have will stay with you (whether you like it or not). You’re not actually giving up one lodging for another, just adding to your holdings. If you like, you could think of it as the place you keep your Singular Plant.

You won’t lose your plant. From a gameplay sense moving will make no difference aside from the card size you have. From an RP sense you still have the old key, so you can drop by to tend to its needs.

Ah, excellent! I had hoped that was the case, but was unsure as to how complex this game might be.

Thanks for your help, friends! I’d pay you but, er, you see… Look out a distraction! scarpers