How to use my page from the liber visionis?

So, I’ve tried to change my face with the Liber Visionis but I cannot seem to make use of the facial change! I thought you’d simply click on the big &quotchange my cameo&quot button after using the page but nothing seems to happen. Can I get some assistance in this matter?

Once you use the page, what do you do to change your face?

I put in a bug report about this because I have the same problem.

I believe that is how it used to be, so it might be an issue with the separation of cameos and gender selection.

I guess so. I mean, I can pick any cameo I like, but the only button to continue prompts me to buy a Mask of Veils.

Doesn’t that just mean the zailor face is handsome?

[color=#e53e00]Hello, this was bugged and it should now be fixed. Sorry![/color]
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[quote=Professor Sketch]
It could, if the avatar silhouette didn’t have the eyebrows sticking out as far as the brim of the cap.[/quote]

I think that is hair. Eyebrows don’t show on these silhouette.

That is exactly what it is, file a bug report and ask for a new page. I got one.