How to Spend Connected: The Masters

Recently my character was acting at the beck and call of Mr. Pages, but her conscience prevented her from bringing it a certain book. Presently I have one measly CP of Connected: The Masters, and I’m fairly sure that’ll all be gone by the time Mr. Pages has finished reading my character the riot act. I do have the Heart’s Desire Ambition, but I have all the coins I need at present. Are there any other places I can cash in my connections before I burn this bridge?

There are a few opportunities I can recall off the top of my head:
-Reducing Scandal if you’re banished or Suspicion in you’re arrested
-Gather 3 Connected to unlock a chance for a yacht
-Publish a very special edition of your newspaper

More paths are definitely available; a quick look on the wiki will do.

The coins from Heart’s Desire is the best way to make money off the connection. Just sell all but 76 of your coins and then grab another 50 from them.