How to raise the funds for the 4 card lodging

They all have 40,000 to 80,000 item requirements. I dont even think in the whole time I have played I have had that much in total of items! I just put in to buy 80k of whispered secrets and it was 1600 echoes! People with this lodgings, how did you raise the money to buy them?[li]

Thank you!

Generally people go for the alternative methods of purchasing those lodgings. You can obtain the items you need for the alternative in the Flit. :)

Also to note: never BUY required goods at the Bazaar, unless when you only miss a few and you want to get to your quota quickly; it is usually cheaper to just grind the goods directly, unless at your level you lack an action providing a decent amount of basic goods.

Well I’ve done it twice now (the perils of seeking) and last time got mine from a mix of item conversions and Thefts of a Particular Character. The first time I got the Premises at the Bazaar with whispered Secrets as I wasn’t POSI. Lots of trading with the Tiger Keeper in the Labyrinth and various other sources of secrets plus buying a lot.