How to progress through Labyrinth of Tigers?

I bought my way in with rats, but I can’t find anything to do there besides try to steal stuff from the emporium. How can I unlock more storylets?

I also know from the big rat campaign that I’m still in the middle of, that there’s a way to start acquiring exhibits for the labyrinth at Wolfstack Docks. But there doesn’t seem to be any option to do that there.

I would suggest to first capture a number of dangerous beasts for Mr Inch, as it is the natural way to progress to the Labyrinth. You may also want to attempt to raise your dangerous, as some cards need a certain level in the relevant stat.

You can start gathering the beasts by first fighting in the Black Ribbon society until you raise the relevant quality to 5.

You will need to undertake several steps, alas. First you will need to attract the attention of Mr. Inch, who can introduce you to the Labyrinth’s staff and get you entrance.

To do this you will need to first impress him as a dangerous sort. I believe the only way to do this is to join the Black Ribbon Society and then duel enough that your reputation impresses him. After that he will set you some tasks to perform, of a dangerous nature. If you succeed he will introduce you to the Labyrinth.

Ah, yes I still have some ways to go in the dueling society. I’ll finish that up.

Quick question about dueling: If you duel someone to the death and win, does that eliminate them permanently? Or is it just a neathy death, and they’ll be back on their feet before long? I’d hate to kill off anyone important if I need them to stick around for something later.

I’m pretty sure you can only permanently kill people who you won’t care about later. (at least as far as the Society goes)

Something it took me quite a long time to realize for myself is also that raising your The Hunt Is On! quality by hunting beasts for Mr. Inch at Wolfstack (and elsewhere) will also unlock new storylets within the Labyrinth itself, so be sure to check back there before actually cashing it it sometimes.
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It’s worth noting that you can progress THIO from the Labyrinth as well. (just for completeness sake)

And that, depending on where you are in the labyrinth, you can get 108 pieces of rostygold as well as 3 cps of THIO in one action. Great for hunting around London. Or 106 pieces, ruthless gain and 3cps of THIO Great for making Direful Reflections.