How to Progress Persuasive?

Hello, I tried searching for similar topics using &quotshuttered palace&quot but ended up with nothing.

I unlocked the Shuttered Palace at around 60 persuasive, but had a bunch of unfinished stories in the Veilgarden. Once I finished those up, I went to the Shuttered Palace at around 70 persuasive yet there’s nothing for me to do there? I’m wondering if this is normal, as all the other places I unlocked for Dangerous, etc. have tons of actions to do. This is what it looks like for me:

I swear I had more the first time I visited too. I spent most of my Confident Smiles and got my Connoisseur of Neathy Delights to 10 to get my persuasive to 78 since there was nothing at the palace. I figure it isn’t because of &quotInvitations from the University&quot since that shows up in every area. Do I need to wait for a special card to pop up at Veilgarden? Or a higher connection to the Duchess or Society? There isn’t anything in Veilgarden that’s a challenge except the POSI actions that I can’t do yet.

How high is your &quotName Signed with a Flourish&quot quality?

What’s the level of your “A Name Signed with a Flourish” Story quality? It looks like it might be below 4. If that’s the case, you have some things you still need to do in Veilgarden – publish a short story, or maybe romance a honey-sipper. Then, after you become the Darling of the Ambassador’s Ball, more storylets will appear in the Shuttered Palace.

Long story short: advancing Persuasive no longer simply involves finding challenging stories – the stories in Persuasive areas are now unlocked by a series of gateway events, like those above.

I published stories, seduced honey-sipping heiress, struggling artist, and jewel-thief, and became the Darling of the Ambassador’s Ball back in July. I guess I lost it at some point and forgot? 'Cause my &quotName Signed with a Flourish&quot is also 1. :[

[color=#ff0099]If you contact Support at, we should be able to help you out a bit.[/color]

Thank you again for the help, Cash!

It was user error during the “Making Your Name” update. I had forgotten seeing the Persuasive content question and apparently picked the wrong choice.

[color=#ff00cc]Happy to have helped![/color]