How to make waves (without depending on cards?)

I’ve seen (but at the moment have misplaced) guides to reaching and maintaining making waves for the sake of notability.

Mostly I remember it coming down to &quotget the right cards and spend resources&quot without being quite clear about where the resources are best ground for, or what to do if you don’t get the cards.

Some item conversions increase making waves. I could loop around and around on tier 3?

What other options are there?

Inviting friends to your lodgings gives a very nice boost to your MW, plenty to maintain notability.

You can compose music in the Singing Mandrake, which isn’t bad.

If you haven’t been kicked out of court, the life of the mind is a slow, simple, effective grind (not, however, efficient).

Converting items is probably your best non-card bet, though, after you’ve used up your free evenings.

Thank you.

Heists also give Making Waves, though they do involve a lot of cards. But not the kind of cards you have to wait very long for, as the deck is very limited. And breaking into the offices of Baseborn & Fowlingpiece pays very well.

Converting Wine to Honey (50 Greyfields 1879 for 40 Drops) in the Honey-Dens gives 0.30 Echoes and 1CP MW. Not terribly lucrative, but reliable if you only need a few more CP.
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And the wine is an unfinished buisness?

Exactly. It’s Your Crowd Of Admirers in Veilgarden, and it nets 100-1000 for 5 actions. It’s hardly profitable, but if you’re out of items and in a hurry, it’ll do for a few CP, especially since the wine is a common item (unlike Free Evenings, Nights on the Town, or knowing that your friend will respond to your invitation in time).
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I have found the most reliable way to create making waves is to create extraordinary implications. Starting with cryptic clues and grinding up. The same can be done with proscribed material but I prefer EI’s as I can eventually create searing enigma’s with the leftovers.

It’s worth noting that there are two reasons you might want to make waves. The first is just to maintain your notability. In this case you want to spend as few actions and other resources as possible to get your making waves up so it doesn’t interfere with your other pursuits. The second is to increase your notability. Particularly for high notability levels this is something you have to prepare for. In this case you want something that gives a large amount of MW per action within a single week but you don’t care if this puts a drain on your actions and resources in previous weeks as you prepare to make the sprint.

In terms of pure CP/Action you can’t beat Life of the Mind. It gives you a nice consistent 1 CP plus some items for a single action. I think meeting a friend for coffee can give 1-2 CP for a single action but you need a very nice friend or an alt account to generate a large number of making waves. As has been mentioned, trading wine for honey and writing songs at the singing mandrake are also reasonable sources for this although not as good. It’s worth noting that these are the kinds of options you to turn to after opportunity cards and free evenings haven’t been enough.

When it comes to the burst of making waves that you need to up your notability, item conversions is what you need. I could be wrongs but I believe the most efficient method here is to steal Tales of Terror using Theft’s of a Particular Character in the Flit and then up convert them to extraordinary implications and then up convert those implications to Uncanny Incunabulum. You’ll also have to build up your university connections in advance but with some preparation this will generate a large amount of making waves in a very short amount of time without relying on opportunity cards. Keep in mind that if you are making a sprint and run out of items before reaching your goal it’s more efficient to switch to life of the mind or a similar MW generating method than it is to start collecting items again.

I have this spreadsheet, from when I was looking for non-Persuasive ways of Making Waves.

It is still incomplete. It started with a harvest from the Wiki. I’ve opened edit permissions, so if people want to add things they’ll be able to.

Can sell your finds from expeditions to the university.