How to Make a Forum Tag

I made this thread to help those who want to display their character on the forum in a manner they see fit. That way people will know how you roll in Fallen London (like my character tags below). They aren’t arbitrary, but they add to your identity on these forums I think.

Major Rule: do not bracket your name or title in color, it is a designation for forum moderators and not for casuals posters.

[color=000000]Step 1: URL Link[/color]

For this you just need to know that you need to slot a url into brackets (like these [ ] ) so it should look somehting like this (without the dashes)

[-url-] [-url-]

Next, add a an equal sign (=) right after the first one and a slash sign (/) before the second one. (again, without the dashes)

[-url=-] [[color=000000]-[/color]/url-]

Now, just put your name/title inbetween the url brackets and add a link to your profile after the equation sign in the first bracket.

[-url=]The Taciturn Huntsman[[color=000000]-[/color]/url-]

Remove the unneccessary dashes and you should get this: The Taciturn Huntsman

Step 2: Add an Image (or two)

Now, the last part is for personal taste. To add an image, slot the word ‘img’ into the brackets we used before just like we did with url. For the sake of convenience, it is best to use the small images featured either in your profile or in your Fallen London inventory. You should use the mantlepiece or the scrapbook to bring up all the images you have access two and which are all a perfect size. Now, copy the image location when you right click on the picture. The linked images are below:

now, if we add them into the img slots we get these

Now we simply add these images to the outside of the url bracket in the order we desire - and this is the result

The Taciturn Huntsman

Step 3: Finish and throw into the signature box in your profile. Now you can tweak your own personal forum link and wear it with pride.

edited by Owen Wulf on 4/9/2014

Very helpful, thank you!


[color=#C2B280]Again, no colour, please.[/color]
edited by Flyte on 4/9/2014

Ok, I removed any mentions about colors.

edited by Owen Wulf on 4/9/2014

Would recommend not using colours in the main part of a post, though! The Big Bosses have stepped in and asked that we not do that, since they reserve those for admins to make them more recognizable.