How to get Confess your mercy?

I’ve the requirements the wikia stated. Current status:
The Great Game- Opening Moves 1
Magnanimous 6
Incendiary Gossip 17
Manic’s Prayer >100
Extraordinary Implication 3

But when I click Dabble in the Great Game I don’t see the option. Can someone advice?

I think the options cycle a bit. Try playing an option to see if it turns up?

That’s strange because, as far as I know, those options always show (even when you haven’t got everything you need) once you have completed the Tattooed Courier’s story. Maybe you need to bug report.
edited by reveurciel on 9/26/2014

Yeah that should meet the requirements (magnanimous 5, 10 gossip and prayers, 2 implications, plus opening moves 1) it’s showing me in game too, so unless there’s a hidden requirement idk.

(I think it should be visible even if you don’t have the items/quirks though, too, only hidden if you don’t have the Opening Moves)

Ok, it’s isn’t showing for me even after changing the options many times.
Could it be due to me reaching fascinating 8? Or is bug report the only way?

As you mention fascinating did you complete the Tattooed Courier’s story? you need to do that to open the confess options.

@lady ciel
So it’s safe for me to proceed to the next part of the story? I was afraid that proceeding will cause me to lose this option. (I saw this option at the very beginning)

I’ve completed the Tattooed courier’s story and I can see the confess options even when I don’t have the items needed. But you can only complete the Courier’s story once.

@lady ciel

Thanks. It seem I need to complete it to unlock them.