How to gain taste of larce 1 again?

So I was huffing my tears to gain more larce, and I got my taste back to 7, bought the suite. Bam taste quality totally gone.
No big deal I thought, I was just going to huff some more tears; nope, it required taste 1.
Hmm okay that is troublesome, I guess I will have to buy a new bucket of larce, so I clicked on my urchin card and the option of buying larce is gone as well.
(for the record I could see the option and use it before losing taste)

Now what…? Am I locked out of the loop now?
All help appreciated, Thanks!

I’m afraid you’re locked out until next year.

welp, at least I have got 2 5card lodging and 1 new lodging, as well as the venomous spit of a certain lover[li]
I guess that is cool.


On a second thought though, dare I say this is more likely a design oversight. Like how the Brass embassy card will help you gain another bucket of larce by selling your soul, which conveniently enables you to gain the 5card lodging, but only if you never paid 100 nex to be…modified in some certain way. Now hypothetically had I not been modified I could sell my soul to the embassy…to advance to nowhere, which most likely was not intentionally designed that way. Let me just say this boldly: this is not right or fair.
FL is about choices and consequences, but harmful ones should have been made purposefully and knowingly. Seekers who stained their souls made a choice for the exact consequences they have been warned of. The same cannot be said to the people who paid 100 nex to be modified, I did not choose be blocked out of event content. Similarly, situation with the taste 1 is the same, I made a choice of spending my tastes only knowing that I can gain it from many places, nowhere does it say that you cannot regain taste 1. This consequence does not make sense.

(I guess I am not cool with it afterall, I even had the urchin card in hand and night whispers ready. If I had bought the bucket of larce before spending the taste this post would not have happened. Call my stupid or naive or whatever, I still don’t think I deserve to be blocked out due to an order of operation. ()

Elifaus, can’t speak to the main thing, but it’s my impression from playing the Rubbery content you mention that it is a finite resource that can be diminished to nothing. Can anyone speak to this?

Yes, you can use it all up.

oh yeah I can still try to lose that via cards, a waste though, since you get about nothing if you used it on scaring away the devil or getting gifts from rubbery man. I am one step away from using it all up, but there is no point for me to use it all up since even if I sell my soul right now I still CANNOT buy a bucket of larce from the urchins with the gains and advance as dev-designed. This is what I meant by “oversight”. Everything about the taste of larce pieces together, except for me who fell out from a weird hole…

Just in case: if you haven’t used the /a/asunderedsea access code, it might still be functional
EDIT: uh, make that /a/adreamofasunderedsea
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Thank you so much Zaka! I have taste of lacre again ^_^[li]

EDIT: Though I appear to not have great luck passed that atm. First tear went on the first huff :
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I thank you too, Zakamutt! I thought my main would have to forego another expedition past the Wicket as well.

Thanks for the code! I’d apparently already used it on my main, but my tiny low-level alt can now just scrape enough lacre to get a Zee snail AND a hidey-hole in the prison :D GLEE

[quote=Zakamutt]Just in case: if you haven’t used the /a/asunderedsea access code, it might still be functional
EDIT: uh, make that /a/adreamofasunderedsea
edited by Zakamutt on 1/7/2014[/quote]
Many thanks! Hope you enjoy my little care package as a token of my gratitude.[li]

Splendiferous fate! Much appreciated. In vague relation, I do think my post getting so many thumbs-up made it rather hard to read…

That’s not because of the many thumbs up, that’s because the thread creator apparently marked your post as the &quotaccepted answer&quot. Due to this graphical ‘feature’, it is generally best to refrain from marking posts as &quotaccepted answer&quot.

Sadly I’d already used the code, so I have no ToL - I didn’t know the urchins would stop selling buckets of it if you had zero ToL (was it that way before Jan 6th?) and had already set aside nex to draw the urchins card a bunch of times, but nope. Alas.

Also: on one of the rubbery man cards, you can use your enhancement (plus get a nubbin of lore that probably makes a hell of a lot more sense now than it did when it first came out), and the card comes up often, so you should be able to unenhance yourself fairly easily.

However, since the embassy is just giving you the night whisper and threnodies and the urchins won’t sell without ToL 1, and the devils don’t give any ToL, there’s not much I can do unless they’re willing to allow us to tilt the world on its axis a bit and fall into a bucket for a nex price, or just get ToL 1 for a price, so I can buy buckets from the urchins (which’ll end up with me still spending more actual money to draw the urchins card, so this is a good idea, see!].[li]
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