How to become An Annoyance to Jack-of-Smiles?

I would like to become an annoyance to Jack-of-Smiles. According to the game, I can gain this quality in Watchmaker’s Hill or in various opportunity cards. The only source mentioned in the Wiki is a rare success for an early Dangerous storylet (Jack’s claimed dibs) that I’ve long outleveled even with all my stat-reducing gear.

Are there any other ways I can gain this quality and progress with the storyline?

Even with the -Dangerous gear, are you still too high for the Watchmaker’s Hill storylet “Smiles! Put that man down!”? It’s unlocked at Dangerous 47 but I’m unsure of when it’s locked.

I got mine with “Smiles! Put that man down” and I don’t think it is locked at high level. I’m out of London at the moment and will check when I get back later today.

No need to rush, circe. I’ve visited Watchmaker’s Hill with an alt who has Dangerous 105 and the storylet “Smiles! Put that man down!” is still there. It seems to be one of those permanent area storylets which never vanish at high levels.

No problem I just put to sea while I was sleeping will return to London as soon as I can. Didn’t want to be eliminated from a certain part of the game.

I realise this is an old original post but here goes:
I’m grinding my Dangerous (currently at 193) at Watchmakers Hill and choosing Smiles! Put That Man Down! I can’t be certain, but at around every 30 or so ‘Dress up as a victim and wait to be stabbed’ my annoyance to Jack Smiles level rises (currently it’s at 6)

I didn’t realise it could rise that far. Is it a rare success? And is there an advantage when solving the Jack case – does anyone know?

I believe it only does two things: unlocks a nice option on a card you can draw in your lodgings and another option on a lodgings card, and makes jack stab all of your connections when it gets too high.

Jack stabbing your connections is an autofire event at level 3 and sets your quality to 4. There’s also an annoying quirk card about it, but you can stop drawing it if either Magnanimous or Heartless > 5. There’s also an autofire card in the Mirror-Marches that reduces nightmares and is NOT locked when ending Jack.

Didn’t realize the quality wasn’t capped at 4, though.
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Just a quick update - it took around 120 ‘Dress up as a victim…’ to get my annoyance level from 6 to 7. I might come back to this later to see how it develops.