How profitable is being a governor?

When it comes to governing the carnelian coast, how profitable is it (on average) to grind the rewards of each term? a what is the ideal method governing the people of the coast?

From a roll playing perspective this is something I would love to do more, however I want to make sure I am maximizing my output of working towards a certain goat (or two)

IIRC it was a decent profit for a persuasive content, but nothing to write home about - because home has affair of the box, great opportunity cards, nadir, baseborn&fowlingpiece heists, no zero-profit long treks across the zee, …

My own figures, after a dozen of so terms, suggest that the epa isn’t awful, but doesn’t compare favourably with the affair of the box, war of assassins, expeditions, heists, fidgetting writers, or other London grinds.

As for the best techniques, there were several posts around the time the content came out discussing the ideal strategy, up I’m on my tablet ATM, and can’t find them.

On posting: what xKiv said. It’s probably better than Unfinished Business in London, if you stay out there for several terms, haven’t aggressively pruned your op. deck, have decent stats, and aim your horseheads/striped delights for multiples of 70.
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Do you have any idea what the average income might be? At the very least I find it a welcome diversion from the endless grinding I have been doing in the spite due to the role playing aspects it has to offer.

I’m back on my PC. There’s a lot of text, but please see here for an investigation into the ideal strategy and potential returns. Short form: estimated achievable 1.8 EPA for an extended stay down the coast, but bear in mind you’d have to offset the cost of the voyage there and back, and the lack of the juicy London op cards (and a weekly trip to the cave of the Nadir, and possibly losing your weekly wages too). Also most London grinds don’t require you to change your gear all the time. It gets frustrating.
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I spent quite a lot time there and I really like epa - about 1.84-1.88 including actions for sailing there and back. There are few conditions of course:

  1. You need to stay in Carnelian port for about 60 cycles (almost two weeks, so you don’t miss any professional rewards).
  2. You have to have maxed Persuasive and Watchful and good relevant gear for maximum efficiency.
  3. Use “A dangerous source” to often get additional 2.5 echo item.
  4. “Caring for the needy” option gives 4-7 Mysteries of the Elder Continent on rare success. Some other actions may also have rare successes, I recently found out that “A summons from the Smoldering Herald” extremely rarely gives Extraordinary Implication (2.5 echo).
  5. Most of your runs you have to turn in 180 or more horseheads/delights, which will give you 57.5 or higher reward.

I’m not exactly sure about x70 formula, I got few exact numbers pinned down:
~109-139 - 40 echo reward
140-164 - 42.5 echo reward
165-179 - 45 echo reward
180-196 - 57.5 echo reward - the perfect one you should aim to.
Higher quantities are harder to achieve and usually not efficient in long term.

I also have Majestic Yacht, which may affect calculation a tiny bit.

This makes me wonder… is it profitable to, during a zee-journey, spend a little bit of extra time to catch a Plated Seal, so that you can turn it into a Hound of Heaven back in London and trade it in to the Bishop? He DOES give some nice rewards, after all, and the Cellars of Wine in particular are handy if you’re grinding towards M____'s B___d…

When the content was revamped, one of the goals was that catching animals while you are at their location for another reason should be profitable. So it should be worth doing, if that worked out how they intended.

I finally got around to catch and breed a plated seal. Epa was around 1.94, maybe a bit less if you are unlucky with zee-cards, but, anyway, a good addition to any journey.