How long will Millicent's parlour remain open?

I was hoping on getting an Ubergoat tattoo this year, but still need a bit of grinding. Does anyone know when will the parlour close? Last year it was at the end of March. Can I expect something similar this year?

Because of how living stories work in the tattoo system, the Parlour can’t be open for more than 28 days. I would expect it to close on March 14 at the very latest; possibly earlier.

[color=#0066ff]The Feast will end on Friday 26th Feb, so if you want to get tattooed, get in before noon GMT that day![/color]

That is sad. I would have managed by March 14th, but not this soon… Well, will have to choose another one. Thanks for heads up.

Hannah, can you tell us when the living story started by the &quotIncident at Millicent’s Parlor&quot will resolve?

How can life be so unfair!? I managed to scrape enough echoes to buy a second goat, flipped cards all day to get the overgoat card… And I discarded it by accident! God help me to get another one until the parlour closes…

[li]I did the part at the tattoo parlor that said &quota living story would begin soon&quot. But, now what? Am I just waiting for a rare card in the deck? Is the chance lost if I don’t find the card before 2/26?

The living story will probably trigger a month after you played it, so don’t worry.

I am so glad I logged in again! Nearly missed everything by one day.