how is the iron republic possible?.

i acquired a iron republic safe conduit after months and months of working for credit so i was understandably ecstatic and jumped on my ship and sailed of at the earliest opportunity and now…now im confused what happened to this place to make it what it is now?.

TL;DR? Devils.

If you really want a more detailed and nuanced explanation, I’d recommend visiting the IRC channel.

Presumably the Devils cast some new laws in Hell’s foundries, just like they did in The Twelve-Fifteen From Moloch Street.

The port description from Sunless Sea has a short short version:

There’s a couple more things that hint at what happened:

There’s an item (&quotReported Location of a One-Time Prince of Hell&quot) that ties into at least one of the Destinies.

In Sunless Sea, there’s a subplot in Mt. Palmerston involving a gathering of infernal ex-royalty.