How have we learnt these things? (Spoilers?)

So in my time in Fallen London and Sunless Sea, I’ve heard a lot of Names, which I assume to be HIGHLY significant to major plot events, without actually knowing what they mean. These are things like The Red Science, Shapelings, Axiles, Judgements, the High Wilderness, East, North I’m fascinated, admittedly, and I really want to know WHAT they mean–but I don’t want to be told, I’d rather find it out over the course of discovering the story for myself.

So what I really want to know is where everyone else drew their information about these massive plot points from, so that I can go find them out for myself. If anyone can suggest some potential directions I could take to actually discover these things for myself without spoiling it too much for me, that would be greatly appreciated.

Are you willing to spend fate? Or should those sources be left out?

i’d recommend playing Sunless Sea for some of them

Ah, I’ve bought sunless sea for that reason, although I haven’t actually gotten as far with it as I’d like due to being fairly busy. And Suinicide, I’m willing to spend a little Fate on some of the more interesting things.

Then I believe the Temple of Uttermost Wind and the fate-locked part of the Decommissioned steamer have some of the answers you’re looking for.
(They’re probably not the only way, but they are probably the fastest)

Flute Street and the Cave of the Nadir may also be relevant. Flint is also a gigantic lore dump, if you play your cards right, although not necessarily related to the specific topics you mentioned in your OP.

Certain of the Destinies provide the most direct look at the High Wilderness and Judgments. Unfortunately, these are only available on certain holidays, and you can only read one of them unless you reset it by spending Fate, or have another player send you an alternate path.