How far to Venderbight?

I’ve been holding off on venturing off to Venderbight (Tomb-Colony location for Ambition: Nemesis) for a good while now, what with Sacksmas and the Feast of the Exceptional Rose requiring a continued presence in Fallen London herself.

Now that this is nearly finished, I’m preparing to continue my quest for vengeance, but things have changed a bit in the few months I’ve tarried. For one thing, I’m now a Person of Some Importance with two Notability. How long should I expect to be abroad to properly explore the content there so I can try to throw a sufficiently wild bash before sailing out to maintain my social standing? Also, are there any vital items I should toss in the cargo hold to take with me?

If I am not mistaken Venderbight is but a special and temporary place you can get to by a steamer in the docks, Ambition 11 (or a little before).[li]
You do not need a ship to get there, if you were literal when you mentioned hold.
As per what you’ll need, I did this part well before being a POSI so you should not expect any trouble, nor you need any items.

Ah, thank you. I must have misunderstood things then, as I thought the travel would be akin to that used with your own ship, which apparently is a slow enveavour. (I have a ship, but have never gone to Zee.) I also recalled someone else mentioning that later in the Ambition you’d need to bring some specific and pricy/unusual items with you on another zailing expedition.

Incorrect. Whilst you don’t need a ship, this will be very awkward without having a supply of items/connections to raise the ambition with. Personally, I’d recommend a fair supply of silk scraps, 30+ connected society, and maybe some of the '82 and/or prisoner’s honey. None of this is NECESSARY, but it makes things a lot of a lot quicker and easier.

Also, the other expedition with unusual items is far later, don’t worry about it.

Well, I think I may have already reached “Far Later.”

I do have a ship and a Safe Conduct Pass. W:106 S:91 D:90 P:106 with +30 to +40 in a stat with equipment swapping. Time, the Healer should arrive in 6-12 hours, so I’ll probably take a week to prepare for my trip and leave out after its arrival in a week to give plenty of time to lay in stores for the travel.

Venderbight was a relatively fast journey (A good Shadowy check seemed to save me an involved and Dangerous siege.) Didn’t even need any silk scraps beyond the entrance fee. My NIghtmares were an issue upon return, but honestly, that seems apropos with Venderbight’s revelations. Makes me simultaneously glad and nervous to have spent the Fate to earn Lettice’s companionship during the Feast.

Any words of warning (opportunities that will only be available while in this story or something similar, or items I’ll need while there that would be onerous to backtrack and claim? Otherwise, an estimate of how long the trip may be would be appreciated, for Making Waves estimations.

You’ll want a Stone-Tentacle Key (as you’ve been warned), and 5 Portfolios of Souls.

Five? I was proud to have secured a single one. This may take a while…

Thanks for the warning. Any suggestion of how long the trip will likely be for Making Waves management?

[quote=Mordaine Barimen]Five? I was proud to have secured a single one. This may take a while…

Thanks for the warning. Any suggestion of how long the trip will likely be for Making Waves management?[/quote]
I can’t guarantee, as I don’t have that Ambition, but I believe as long as you’re regularly logging in, you should be fine Notability-wise leaving just after a Time the Healer, though bumping it up to just at your score couldn’t hurt in case of the unexpected[li]

Well, I;m on my way home after finishing all of the currently released Ambition material with plenty of time to spare. Thanks again for all of the advice. I guess I was more worried about the time travel took than I needed to be.

On the other hand, some time between landing at the Iron republic and leaving, cards drawn on teh Unterzee have had “Can’t Discard” added to them. Heads up about that.