How does one reattain Notability?

In the case of it having been wholly removed as a Quality, rather than reduced to 1, I mean. Some few months ago I made the error of spending all my Notability in the mistaken belief it would place the quality at 1 again. After months of searching for answers on the matter and for the Slowcake’s card this has proven emphatically not the case, and the late game content has become utterly impossible to access as such.

How does one restart Notability with that basic ‘one’ in such a case, where the quality is entirely removed?

I was told by the Help Desk that inquiry here would be more helpful, and that there’s some manner of social action that can in fact fix my problem(?). If you have answers, or better still, if you would be willing to help, I would be quite grateful. Thank you for your time and my apologies if this has been asked elsewhere- I ran basic searches, but I didn’t see anything relevant…

If you post on

I’m sure you will find someone who is happy to help you.

Do you mean you have no Notability and want to gain one to get started?

In that case, you will have to draw the Slowcake card or have an acquaintance to send you a point of Notability.

[quote=lady ciel ]If you post on

I’m sure you will find someone who is happy to help you.[/quote]

That looks to be exactly what I’m needing after all, thank you so very much, friend. I believe I will go ask there.

And now I find I must rather thank you as well, Estelle, dear lady. So thank you kindly, for your acquaintance and your offer. I’m quite gratified that you rendered your time and assistance to a stranger like myself. Is there a means by which I may repay you?

You can edit your post in the other thread so people know you got your point already and need no further assistance?

Done and done. Would you like anything else? Something to make waves, or opportunities, one of the player gifts…? Thank you, again.

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