How does a Space Marine Ascend?

On a mountain of rat corpses apparently.

Congratulations on the new postion man. May you do well in it, and the rats flow like wine.

Although I do have a few questions. Like &quotWhere will I get updated Fallen London Lore now?&quot, &quotWHo’s gonna arrange Ratmas this year? Will there even BE a Ratmas? Can there be a Ratmas if the person LIKES Rats?&quot and more importantly, &quotwhen do we meet The Ratus Fubar Collector?&quot

Well, I’m definitely voting Contrarian now. Congratulations on the job, Rat Man Dude.
edited by BillyBones on 6/30/2016

Holy crap, congrats Spacemarine!


Glad to know you will be there with the devs. A Tiger goes, a Rat rises. Huzzah!

A lovely read. It makes me wish that I had been a more active member back in 2013.

EDIT: My 40k friend took notice. Apparently Spacemarine9 has ascended and become a &quotDreadnought&quot now.
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After reading The Great Memoir, all I can say is, Godspeed, Lore-Master.

(also I tried to send some rats but you’re not in a place to accept them, which is tragic.)

Secretly make the “Rats: Yes” quality, a quality that allows you to accept rats no matter where you are, when you get to FBG.

Now, have we ever really seen Alexis and Spacemarine9 at the same place at the same time? Coincidence?

Now, have we ever really seen Alexis and Spacemarine9 at the same place at the same time? Coincidence?[/quote]

So he sent Candlecurious to himself? 0-0

Seeking has made people do stranger things.

Which one is Ed Norton and which is Brad Pitt?


Is it too early to try to figure out what content that SpaceMarine9 might take on as a pet project?

Might we have an OFFICIAL RATMASS?

With seeking in place, will other ambitions come to endings? Will ending any other ambition be quite as final?

Would my character die a final death in the name of revenge, fall into plotting to overturn them all and die in the dawn machine, or turn away just as finally…

I’m sure it’s too early to pry and ask, but rampant wild mass guessing, it’s got a certain seekerly spirit to it…


– Mal