How do you succeed at a Polite Invitation?

So, I stocked up on Confident Smiles, equipped my best persuasive gear, and finally took the plunge to accept A Polite Invitation. I succeeded at every turn (thanks to the Confident Smiles), choosing only actions that would yield 2 CP talk of the town, and when my six actions were done, discovered that you needed 12 Talk of the Town to complete the carousel! How on earth does one manage that in only six actions?

You just wait for another Polite Invitation - Talk of the Town only decreases when you choose rewards while having TotT 12. Think of it as of Dramatic Tension, but one requiring certain card to start. It took me many invitations to finally get it to the reward level. And I think that not every action (at least on cards drawn while being there) yields Talk of the Town gain.
edited by Mallachi on 10/11/2014

Okay, I was thinking that it was like the Pickpocket’s Promenade, where you had to avoid the people with low yield and choose the people with high yield before your time ran out, only I couldn’t find any options to get you more time.

If memory serves, you’re looking at 3 parties minimum to hit 12.