How do I start the Mr. Sacks storyline this year?

I think the title show clearly my doubt, thanks for taking the time to answer

Opportunity cards.

What George said. Just keep drawing them and you’ll get the first Mr Sacks card eventually.

Ok, thank you

Does the “best post” background make the post in question nearly illegible for anyone else, by the way?

It does. Kind of funny when you think about it. ^^

Very much hard to read for me as well.

It’s the seventh color of the Neath: Verdanswer. It sears itself into your retinas so that you can never forget what you saw.
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Corvo, have you had luck getting the Mr. Sacks storyline to start? I spent much of the latter half of December at sea/in Polythreme, and I’m worried I might have missed out on it. I’ve been aggressively card flipping today, but no luck yet…[li]