How do I level up my Acquaintances?

I’ve found the 4 Acquaintances

Sardonic Music Hall Singer
Regretful Soldier
Repentant Forger
Wry Functionary

But I don’t know how to level up with them, except for the Singer which I’m at Level 6.
For all the others, I’m stuck at Level 1. I haven’t seen any opportunity cards (except for the Singer).

I would like to use them for resting (heal wounds), but I think I need at least Level 3 for that.
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You need the “A Visit” card - you can choose to visit one of them at a time then you need to wait for the card again. Only the Singer has her own cards unfortunately.

I think there’s a few cards with opportunities to raise the others, but i might be misremembering and its only ways to spend it.

Thanks. Any requirements for the card? I haven’t seen it.

Other than being in London (not at Zee, in a Menace Zone or other special area- basically any place that clears your hand of held cards,) no. It’s allegedly Standard Frequency, but with it being useful and the only way to build three qualities, it never shows up as often as you’d wish.

Can’t forger and functionary be increased (only to 8, but still) at certain (2-card) lodgings’ cards (functionary is playing card games, forger is having a chat with a friend’s friend - both are challenges against the acquaintance level, and increase the acquaintance when you fail)?

I’d forgotten about those. I stand corrected With the Forger, although I don’t think failing the gambling one improved the Wry Functionary. A Rare Success on the “Cards With the Civil Servants” apparently can, though.

Incidentally, there’s a limit to how far the “friend of a friend” option increases the Forger connection. Once you’ve reached 9, it won’t go any higher.

There is a cap of 9 for the acquaitances on the A Visit card as well, unless you use the Counting the Days option

I finally got the card. I have been aggressively discarding cards trying to find it.

I think I do remember seeing this card once before…many, many months ago, before I found any Acquaintances.

I increased my Regretful Soldier from 1 to 1.5. I need him to be at 5 to be any use to me for resting/wounds.

I think the “standard” frequency is really broken here.

From a sample size of 1?

I flip cards pretty regularly and very rarely go more than a day or two without drawing it. Regularly get it more than once a day.

From a sample size of about 3 months.

There are a lot of Standard cards, so if any given draw has an equal chance of picking up any of them, in the end it really just comes down to luck.

[quote=squiggle]From a sample size of about 3 months.[/quote]Three months is a long time, but if you only draw six cards each day that’s 540 cards. And sometimes any given standard frequency card can dodge the draft for that long. I draw 120+ cards every day, and I’ve had the occasional faction card not show up for a few days. Of course, whenever it’s a card I don’t want, I don’t really notice that I’m not getting it.

Still, six cards each day isn’t a lot, so I’m going to assume that you draw a lot more. And then you can only chalk it up to random bad luck. I don’t know how many active players Fallen London has, but if you imagine thousands of people playing the game, any one player might have one-in-thousands bad luck when it comes to drawing any given card.

I see - but as Gillsing points out above, across what I understand to be approximately 20k active accounts there are bound to be some people who don’t see a particular standard card for that long. It doesn’t mean that standard frequency is broken, as you put it.

Still, I understand how frustrating it can be when you’re waiting for a card that doesn’t come - I apologise if I sounded insensitive!
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