How do I go to sea these days?

Hi, forums. I’m a longtime Fallen London player who stopped about a year ago because I got busy and had pretty much ran out of things to do. Having played Sunless Sea a fair bit this week, I’m trying to check in on what stories might be new now, and couldn’t find many, so I decided to see what new places I can visit at sea.

Unfortunately, I can’t figure out how to go to sea. Time was there was a storylet on this from Wolfstack Docks. Is that still the case (and I’m just missing something), or did the story move?

At Wolfstack should be a gold-framed storylet with the icon of a green wave entitled “Put to Zee!”

For me, it is the thrid one down, listed after “Hunting Dangerous Prey” and “Finding the Screaming Map: beginning the search.”

Well, I feel silly. Guess it was there all along, but the border colors changed to the point where I didn’t recognize them anymore.