How do i go about undoing an accidental purchase

I was navigating between fallen london and another tab, and i accidentally clicked on the oppurtunity deck and spacebar- apparently, firefox regards spacebar as confirm or yes, but i didn’t mean to select it.

so, i accidentally bought an oppurtunities deck refill. is there a way to get the mods to undo this purchase? I’ve been making a point of not using my deck since then, but it’s not a bug, so i don’t know if they’d undo it.

If they would, how should I ask?
edited by Grenem on 4/16/2015

Yeah, that mail probably. The strange thing is, I don’t see it anywhere on Help page anymore.

It’s under &quot[color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]I’ve found a bug![/color]&quot
It is also in the Forum Rules topic.

Weird, I checked the articles and noticed the feedback one, but somehow missed the bug one.