How do I get connected to the master up to 3?

I want to be able to use my connection but I’m at risk of losing it (and that stuff is expensive) if it’s not at 3 at which point I suppose I can use the carnival

Trying to raise your Connected: the Masters of the Bazaar at the carnival seems a bit risky for someone who cares about keeping it. It is not like the other faction connections. Apart from various special storylets that only happen once, you can give rare books to Mr Pages libraryette, or if you have no points at all, you can get your first point by providing for Mr Wines’ revels.

‘raising’ the connection at the Bazaar is more likely to destroy it, to be honest. Get the first point from Mr wines revels, the others must generally be gained from stories or Mr. Sacks during Christmas, unless you wish to spend a lot of books on the librayette card.

Areas where points can be gained, that I can think of:

Aiding Mr. Fires in the Docks (storyline)
Aiding Mr. Iron with the Game of Knife and Candle (cards)
Giving lots of books to Mr. Pages (cards), and retrieve a book for Mr. Pages (early cards)
Some resolutions of the affair of the box that favour one of the masters (storyline)
The masters will let you know which option would gain their favour whilst investigating the unfortunate events at the university (storyline)
Supporting their interests in one storyline in Polythreme will give a point
Aiding Mr. Wines with his revels (1 point, and only if you didn’t have any points at all) (there are other points to be gotten from the revels)
One option of the Cheesemonger allows one to curry their favour
The Jack of Smiles storyline can end with happy masters
Apparently one option in the Loquacious Vicar storyline will get you a point, which was news to me
Likewise I didn’t know that Dr. Schlomo can rarely give a point when discussing dreams of the fire sermon
You can betray a once-dashing individual to get a point, if you feel so inclined

The main way to get points are seasonal, Mr. Sacks in particular can be generous with them.
There are probably other, fate-locked ways to win their favour, but the only one I can remember is a very rare event when shroom-hopping (which is at least repeatable, but would take months to grind effectively) and Mr. Wine’s revels.

A lot of the ways to get their attention involve betraying someone to them in a permanent fashion. Your call if you think it’s worth it.

Your best bet is probably to wait. Otherwise, start collecting books for Mr. Pages.

My question is why you want to use connected Masters. It is a difficult connection to raise and rarely worth spending if there is an alternative.

There’s a few options using the Masters connection that don’t result in a loss in the connection. Off the top of my head you need Masters 3 to find out directly from Mr Apples about the game for a Yacht, and to upgrade to a Spire-Emporium at the normal price. It can also be used on a couple Mr Sacks cards to gain more of the connection, you need it for a Salon, a card you might draw on your way to importance, to invite them to your wedding…but yes, usually the points are spent, and there’s little point in using it to expedite your departure from Menace areas or to clear your name of treachery.
edited by Sara Hysaro on 6/14/2014

Thanks Sara

I’ve only visited once, but I believe that there was an option to raise Connected: The Masters in the Temple Club (costing lots of Romantic Notions).

Perhaps one of the regular club members can confirm.

Yep, I think that’s right.

What’s the temple club?

It’s a secret club. Ask here. (Basically, it’s a bonus location people who backed the Silver tree got access to.)

Would I still be able to get an invitation? it seems like they’re implying there is a limited number of them but they’re sending them out like water so I’m a bit confused

Actual members have permanent access to the club. They can send as many invitations as their action cap allows. Non-members must rely on invitations. I think they mean that there’s a limited number of actual members.