how do I find my lodgings?

I’m trying to write letters. I bought lodgings, and they’re in ladybones road, but i can’t seem to access them. All the things I’ve come across so far say go to the main map to access your lodgings, and I have, but I don’t see my house and the letter writing stuff doesn’t show up when I click on ladybones road. Can someone help me? Thanks!!!

The link to your Lodgings is in the upper right corner and looks like a doorway.

Click on the Travel button. Your lodgings should be at the top right (no matter which lodgings it is or where you got it).

Note: If you haven’t cleared the snow from your doorstep yet this holiday season, then the way to your lodgings would be blocked and the travel map won’t show this option. If you have the Snowbound! storylet available to you (anywhere) then you must deal with that first before you can travel to your lodgings.