How do I become Embroiled in the wars of Illusion?

I’m at Shadowy 95, and this seems to be a high Shadowy storylet. But I cannot find it, neither in the Flit nor at Mahogany Hall. Do I need to raise Shadowy even higher? Or is there some specific quality needed to unlock the storylet? Or a rare opportunity card perhaps?

Rare Successes at Shadowing Couriers and Tricks of the Courier’s Trade I believe.

The 1st and 2nd options on those storylets give it on a rare success, yes. I think the storylets for turning in your Seeking and Investigating also provide it on a rare success. Just keep playing those and you’ll get it.

Thank you very much. How interesting! A long storylet that can only be started by rare successes - that seems quite unique.

I got it the first time I turned in my seeking. Are you certain it’s only rare successes?

it is rare-success only, but any option involved has a chance of giving you a rare success. including end-of-cycle cash-ins

I’ve finally got this, took me several days, but now what? how do I do somethign with it? Do I have to raise it again by getting another rare success?
(Sorry if I necro-ed a thread…)

You need to raise it to 2 before you can do anything, from what I remember.