How dangerous can a bit of flirting be? Spoilers!

That devil is sweet and generous, but we went boating, and when I saw his face reflected in the water, he had this scary, avid look on his face… I guess with all the attention I was receiving, I forgot that he is a devil, and am now suddenly reminded. I’m scared. What have I gotten myself into? Will he steal my soul? Is it still time to get out? We might be in Fallen London, and I don’t plan on gambling my soul, but I still want to keep my soul, at least until I’m sure I can do without it. I’ve heard of people regaining their soul after having lost it, but it must be quite a difficult venture. I’m wondering whether I should refuse his advances from now on. Then again, hell is powerful, he might be a useful connection… Could someone give me some romantic advice?

They do say that those who dine with a devil should bring a long spoon. I personally find that a wrought-iron poker works just as effectively, and many even seem to enjoy it!
edited by The Incorrigible Raconteur on 12/1/2012

Thank you for your advice. Perhaps I should be more careful in who I romance…

Well, to say it like this: The devils want your soul for a reason.
Secondly, Hell never does anything it doesn’t see an advantage with.

[color=#ffffff]Thank you for your warning. I will turn my attentions to helping this poor lady find her husband instead. And if we don’t manage, I’m sure I’ll find a way of comforting her…[/color]