How can I get rid of my racing slug?

Is there a way? It doesn’t seem terribly event-rich, so I figured I’d try the pet you can get from the constables…

There should be an option to do so on its opportunity card.

^ Exactly. I’ll add, the card that allows you to get rid of it begin the same card that allows you to perform actions with them, you could give it a try and see if your racing slug has interesting uses, before getting rid of it. Anyway, I compiled a chart of the pets and relative qualities in my LJ for reference: (shameless self-promotion ^^).

They are all equally event-rich yet, you know, ol’ chap. They all conduct to one opportunity card which has 5 options (including the one to get rid of it and pick a new one). So the pet you can get from the constables will not be so different.
And, as Luke McMillan wisely said, this is just the beginning, for all of them.

(on another, related matter: do you feel as I do that the Opportunity card is rather rare? I flipped something like 1000-2000 cards so far - yes, I know, but I have an excuse, I was eager to see the real Exceptional Rose - and draw a single one, which, in fact, permitted me to exchange my pet… my loss: I found my new one far less pretty than the first (which wasn’t a model of elegance itself)… Boy do I dream to have the cute Racing Slug you want to get rid of!)

Edit: dear Ch Ko, according to the wiki, the Constable-related pet Card has only 4 choices instead of 5, so if you get rid of your Racing Slug you will lose one option, not much of a good choice if you want more options…
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I confess that I haven’t even seen the opportunity card. Thus far, my Tell-Tail Beetle has been merely a +1 Respectable.

I’ve seen the card for my mole twice now. Though, I feel that it is of limited usefulness until I am a person of some importance, as the number of ways to increase the special qualities is quite limited early on. My only sources of dreaded are a ratskin suit, and a few pets, which all give the same +1 bonus my mole does. Once I can start getting companions and vehicles and clubs and stuff, that’ll undoubtedly give me more options to boost the quality enough to have a chance at success.