How can I gain the 'zailor in the making' quality?

I am past 69 and the card doesn’t appears :(

RNG as usual. You shouldn’t worry before you get to dangerous 106. Then you should worry…

Try using gear that reduces your stats - Ridiculous Hat, Bottled Oblivion, and Working Rat

Where does your character lay his head?

To improve your chances, don’t draw your cards in an area that’s a hotspot for location-specific cards. For instance, don’t draw at your Lodgings or Veilgarden. Their location-specific cards will increase your deck and reduce the possibility of drawing the Zailing card.

Stand in the Forgotten Quarter or the Labyrinth of Tigers to flip cards. Anyway, good luck and keep your Dangerous in the 69 to 106 range!

Oh yeah, I was thinking you were past the stat range. If not just keep flipping cards, you’ll see it eventually. I remember back when professions first game out, I wanted to be a trickster, and it took days for me to see the devil or urchin connected card. Sometimes you just get unlucky.
edited by Dolan on 6/1/2013