Honour Among Thieves:Who do I entrust with a task?

I need certain coins purloined from a certain museum- someone dependable who won’t just grab whatever looks most valuable- are there any ne’er dowells whose word is their bond?

Only too delighted to, old chap. Drop by your plans anytime. (That said, if anyone -would- be willing to finance an aimless fact-gathering expedition in the Museum with no specific promise of return, I’d be only too delighted to take that up too.)
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Certainly - only too happy to help others with that with which others have helped me. @colinsapherson on twitter
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Likewise, I am always available to help fellow seekers of that most interesting of card games.

I’m also willing to go about stealing a few of these coins.

I’m willing to go about stealing a few of said coins too. I’m @pipirochan on Twitter.

I recently sent a request to Colins, though if he doesn’t respond I’d be happy for your assistance. My Persuasive is approaching 70, I wonder if I’d be much help right when I hit it, or if I’d need a fair bit more before offering my help.

I remember seeing the option, back when my stats were hovering around the mid-50s, but my memory fails me. On the other hand, my Persuasive is 110 or so, while my Shadowy is at 100 precisely.

I assume that should be sufficient to break into the Museum.

That’s not enough, you need to be in the mid-70s to successfully break into the museum. That said, I haven’t done it in a while and wouldn’t mind a burglary or two…

“I would be happy to assist fellow Marvelous seekers, but if we should meet at the card table know that I will show no mercy. A true heart’s desire demands no less.”

I would be willing to help. It’s practically a necessity to amass the requisite coins, since everything else is far too unprofitable. Right now, all I’m doing is just grinding for the final lodgings anyway, and I must say that’s dreadfully dull.

I had a heck of a time with those coins when I was at that stage of the ambition. @followmyvoice on Twitter; my stats are practically maxed out so I’d be happy to help anyone who needs it :)

Can also help as not done it in an age. That said, I had a run of bad luck and kept getting put off by snakes in mirrors. Don’t know why. :S

And a good thief too! Quick and reliable. Thanks Elvor, consider this my positive feedback.

Thanks for all the responses, everyone- I’m busy working on my collating secrets and trying to figure out how many of them I should be saving up for leverage towards other worthy purposes. I think if I get a team of 3 people to help me with the heist, assuming all goes well, I’ll end up with a few extra. If there’s anyone else who could use some for a similar purpose let me know.

I’d be happy to help anyone seeking this. I had no one to help me and it was slow going indeed!

I would also quite enjoy a good spot of burglary (especially now that I understand what is going on!)

A Lady in skulky clothes

I’d be happy to help with anyone who needs this. I had no help and it took forever!

If anybody needs help in a heist, I’ll be happy to comply too.

Just thought I’d bump this, and add myself to the list of volunteers as I have over 100 in both stats now.