Hong Kong and other Surface hints

When engaging in a fighting ring recently, one of the opponents was said to be &quota boxer from the lost colony of Hong Kong.&quot Now we know the theft of London hasn’t caused the collapse of the British Empire (yet) but why would Hong Kong be lost? How was it lost? Lost to anyone or lost from the world? Is it mentioned at all anywhere else does anyone know?

Has anyone tried looking for it down the back of the sofa?

Feel free to chip in with other Surface referrences/ queries/ confusions/ answers.

The theft of London may not have caused the complete collapse of the empire, but its certainly not in good shape. It had to give up most of its colonies on the surface, and it looks like Hong Kong was one of the ones they lost.

And I have checked my sofa, Hong Kong is not there.

Huh. Missed that since in my non-written back story I’m from the British colonies in the Far East.

Unless it states when Hong Kong was lost and ceased being part of the British Empire, I say there’s no reason it can’t have occurred sometime after your character arrived (Or, you could edit your own backstory and have travelled, not having returned to your homeland before encountering the Neath. Which would mean your character could easily have been ignorant of that occurrence, simply because it hadn’t been mentioned by anyone else until now.)