This adjective has popped up a few times in-game, generally describing madmen. But I don’t believe I’ve ever seen it defined. I was under the impression, based on several in-game descriptions, that a person in a honey-dream physically vanished from wherever they were in the Neath and eventually re-appeared once the dream’s over. Anyone know what exactly it’s intended to mean?

I’ve always thought it was someone who has taken so much honey they can no longer tell if they’re in a dream or not.

Or perhaps they’ve disappeared from wherever they were and reappeared in some other part of the Neath where you found them… and they are in a dream, albeit a bad one.

[color=#009900]Over-enthusiastic honey-eaters occasionally fall prey to violent insanity. Temper your appetites, delicious friends.[/color]

I was under the impression that they vanished, but that sometimes their bodies came back before their minds did.

Some text in Ambition: Nemesis says pretty much that, and is the clearest description I’ve seen: [[color=#ffffff]She’s honey-mazed. Like the others, her body has returned from a honey-dream before her mind. She dances down the pavement, chuckling to herself. You grab her just before she moves into the path of a hurtling phaeton. Her eyes are blank, but she smiles and laughs.[/color][color=rgb(51, 51, 51)]][/color]

I’m on Nemesis, so that’s probably exactly where I got the idea from. Thanks. I was trying to remember where I’d seen it.