'Hire a porter from the docks' no connection drop

I’ve only recently tried going on expeditions to the Forgotten Quarter. I’ve read that the most efficient way to gather supplies is to trade Connected: The Docks for them. I swear that I got the ‘connection is dropping’ message previously. But today it’s not there. I get 4 supplies for 50 rostygold. Here’s a screenshot of the action and the result:

Just tested, it literally isn’t dropping (each purchase should cost you 60 cp of Docks but my Docks remain unchanged).

It is also affecting connection gain in Watchmaker’s Hill - Docks are not increased on options that normally increase it.

(Perhaps please don’t rush off to spend your Docks like crazy if you see this)
edited by Estelle Knoht on 3/9/2016

I’m thinking this may be a sign of Connected: The Docks getting the same treatment that Criminals have. Or maybe just a bug.

Note also that the requirement for Connected: The Docks 10 which used to be there is no longer listed for the branch. Doesn’t require Docks connections, doesn’t drop Docks connections.

Also, the message (“new total 32 - 32”) is weird.

[color=#0066ff]Exactly that thing! See the original thread for more detail.[/color]

Aha! The option’s requirement has just changed to require “Favours: The Docks 3”!

Nooooooo! I’m not ready for the switch over!

Also, the Expedition supplies storylet is now locked and the Boast about your wounds (while fighting the Black Ribbon) no longer gives Docks connections.
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The Tankard to increase renown doesn’t work so I’m pretty well locked out of anything requiring docks renown.

Yet. There are gradual chances to that Tankard. I await it also.

EDIT: OK! I have new options now.
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