High Wounds: What Should I Do?

So recently, while breaking law after law in the Iron Republic, my wounds slowly amounted to the troublesome level of 18. Normally I’d reduce my menaces with the Changed by the Iron Republic quality, but just think of all the Iron Republic Journals one could amass with Changed by the Iron Republic 22! Now I’m torn between healing back to health in the good old colony of chaos or buying my own cellar’s worth of Tincture of Vigor. Any other day I’d just ride it out on the silent river with the Boatman but I’ve been here for a while and I’d prefer not to make it back to London only to be whisked away once again for a day and a half. Any advice as to how I should proceed?

I’d buy all the Iron Republic Journals and then head to Hunter’s Keep to get rid of your Wounds if you don’t want to be captured by the boatman.

Much appreciated, Nigel. Now I don’t have to become dirt poor or give up on my dream of owning my own library dedicated to bedlem. In the meantime I’ll be recording my experiences here and soon after have the crew haul me aboard to set a course for the Sisters.

Going from Day 30 to Day 32 in the Iron Republic sets your Wounds at 2. Which would probably be faster than anything else. Probably.

EDIT: It’s a respectable challenge, straightforward at 10. To get to Day 30 you need to fail Day 15, which requires less then Connected: Revs 34.
edited by Cecil on 7/23/2015

I guess you were raising your austere. Looks like you went past my favourite method. After getting Austere as high as you can choose A Firm Hand on day 34. That takes you to day 38 which sets your wounds to 6 before going on to day 40. I find that much more manageable when getting to a Day for Reading.