Hidden Lodgings

I’m sorry to bother you all with such a simple question. I started playing a couple of days ago. I have acquired lodgings and even sent a friend a letter from them. When I left though, the button to get back there is gone. I searched the forum and saw some mention of snow, but I don’t see anything about dealing with snow in the game. This is extremely frustrating. When I look at the map I only see options to travel to Ladybones Road, Veilgarden, The House of Chimes, Spite, Watchmaker’s Hill, and Mrs Plenty’s Carnival. Please help.[li]

You should be able to get to your lodgings from the travel map. There should be an icon for them in the top right hand corner (looks like a door).

That’s just it though, there isn’t. Here’s a picture of my travel screen:[li]

[color=#C2B280]I’m pretty sure I know what’s gone amiss. I’ll take care of it on Monday; please bear with it for now.[/color]

Thank you very much! I’m mostly just relieved to know I’m not missing something painfully obvious.

[color=#009900]In fact… this should be OK now. Sorry about that![/color][li]

It is! Thank you again.