Hesperidean Cider

…Hopefully I haven’t spelled that wrong!

Anyway, has anyone actually managed to buy a flask of the stuff? At 16000 Echoes, I doubt it, but you never know… I am very curious as to what it does and how it works. Perhaps we could co-ordinate something and have someone try to raise enough money to buy it?

Although no one has bought it, the devs have occasionally been seen with one on their mantlepieces.
Channelling resources to a single player won’t work; the need to accept the actions prevents the target from gaining sufficiently quickly for it to be worthwhile. Sorry.
We’ll have to wait.

I’ve seen an overgoat on a friend. Might be possible.

Overgoat is entirely doable. Assuming you get 1 echo per action, and 50 actions per day, it would take you about 220 days of money-grinding to get an overgoat. I mean, those aren’t real numbers, because once you’re levelcapped you can do better than 1 echo/action, and if you’re an Exceptional Friend you get 100 actions/day, but you also take time off from grinding to explore new content when it’s released. But if you’re levelcapped and you keep playing for a year, you’ll get there. I have one, I know of at least two other people on the other forums who do too, not counting the profile that wasjust shared.

Hesperidian Cider has an extra zero at the end of the price. That one really is impossible, would take like 5 years of Exceptional Friendship to get.
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I have an Overgoat, as do a number of other players that I know. They’re easy enough to pick up - they just require you to have run out of things to do and to spend all your actions for many months on acquiring ridiculously large amounts of cash.
An Overgoat costs a ‘mere’ 11,712.80 Echoes - an amount that can be collected (assuming a rate of 1.22/action - currently possible) in approximately 3 months for an Exceptional Friend, and twice that for the less Friendly.
However, Hesperidean Cider is a little more expensive at 160,000 Echoes. That’s about 13 and two thirds as much. So if you wanted a bottle, it would take you about 3 years and 8 months or so - for an Exceptional Friend. This does, of course, assume the same rate of income. Until recently, it was not possible to get as much as this in an action. It is not (yet) possible for a player to have saved enough for a bottle. But by the time that the game is completed? Who knows - It may be within the reach of the exceptionally determined.

I admittedly hadn’t noticed that.

O Ye Determined Goatherds: does the Overgoat have an opportunity card?

Alas but no. For that matter, neither does anything from Teeth or Face.

Yes, the Overgoat is doable–I managed to buy one. (Though that was back when it was possible to abuse the Bazaar Sidestreets…)

The Sidestreets used to be abuseable? How so? Were the items more valuable than the components, or something? I do recall being more than a little miffed at discovering how little the items sold for compared to the value of their components…

It would probably be cheaper and easier just to bribe the developers directly.

It would probably be cheaper and easier just to bribe the developers directly.[/quote]

Bribery is for those without the wit to pull off a proper kidnapping.

They kind of did that, it was a reward for the “Below” Kickstarter. One of the realy large ones, though. so, it will take a lot of cash.

Yes it does, good sir. It is also the single fastest way to get Certifiable Scraps, ten Scraps for but a single action.

Wow, now I want a goat!

…Who doesn’t ? :)

Sincere apologies if this is thread necromancy of the worst sort–but–does the Goat still provide 10 scrap?

However, now you can get an Ubergoat if you have two Overgoats and one fate point, if I remember correctly.

However, now you can get an Ubergoat if you have two Overgoats and one fate point, if I remember correctly.[/quote]
Think that’s spot on.